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Get the lowdown ahead of your SoundClash entry

Last week Miller Genuine Draft launched SoundClash - the incredible new DJ competition in association with DJ Mag and Mixcloud.

The competition will give one lucky DJ the opportunity to fly to Las Vegas, where they will spend four days at the 5-Star Cosmpolitan hotel to compete against DJs from around the world for a chance to play at the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Party at Marquee Las Vegas!

You can submit your entries here, but first you should read our ten tips for up and coming DJs!

1. Be original!
Nowadays, it is easier than ever to become a DJ, so there are lots more people doing it. Your advantage is that most new DJs fall into the same trap of playing the same records (usually from the Beatport Top 10). Make your mix stand out by avoiding the obvious track selections. Whether you dig deep for hidden gems or revive old skool classics, you can be sure that the judges will rather listen to a mix that has more thought than a rehashed EDM chart.

2. Credit to the edit!
Ok, so you have read point one, and are thinking - “but I love that Beatport No.1 hit - how can I keep it in my set?” Well, why not consider adding your own twist by creating an edit or mash-up to make your mix stand out? Check our list of essential dance remixes and get inspired!

3. All about the journey!
It is an old cliche, but also a truism. Think about your structure to construct a mix that is cohesive, with a start, middle and an end that takes the listener on a journey.

4. A little bit extra?
Make your mix pop by adding some acapellas, or try layering some random textures, old film quotes or sound effects - anything that might grab the judges’ attention…but be careful and use sparingly!

5. Skills to pay the bills!
Not everyone is a DMC turntablist, but if you are the kind of DJ who likes to scratch, beat juggle or go wild on the effects, by all means showcase your skills…show us what you can do!

6. Be true to yourself.
Don’t try to predict what we want to hear. Take a chance and trust in your ability to make your unique sound (see point 1) come across in your mix!

7. Material matters!
The tracks you put on your mix are completely up to you, but one way to ensure that your entry is 100% unique is by including some of your own productions - so if you produce music as well as DJ, chuck in your original tracks to impress us!

8. Open to all!
One of the best things that has happend to DJ culture over the last decade is the increased affordability of equipment. You can now start DJing on your smart-phone or tablet for the price of a fast-food meal. Don’t worry if you don’t have the best kit. Use what you have to its potential and your personality will shine through.

9. Sell yourself!
Make sure you use the tools within Mixcloud to tag up your mix. Leave a nice description so that we know who you are and what you are about and be sure to include a tracklisting also. The little personal touches make all the difference!

10. Time to get promoting
So you have spent hours fine tuning your track selection and style and have finally recorded your masterpiece. The only thing left to do is to share it with as many people as possible! You need to get 100 plays in order to qualify for the judging stage so get sharing with friends family and colleagues to get your playcount up. In this modern age, promoting yourself online is one of the key skills of making it as a DJ - so get to work!

Ok - now you know what to do or not to do - it is time to SUBMIT YOUR MIX!