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3 Beat takes the knocks

Liverpool label management company and online shop close in another blow

In another blow for the dance music industry, famed Liverpudlian record shop 3 Beat has closed its label management wing and online store with immediate effect. The decision was taken to close the management part of the company after huge distribution firm Amato, which recently filed for liquidation, folded owing 3 Beat £75,000, which they could not absorb.

Representing such respected dance music labels as Border Community, Supplement Facts (run by Guy Gerber, pictured), Boss Records, Vapour Recordings and many more, the management company's closure is sure to have an adverse effect on these small independents.

But a philosophical Jon Barlow - 3 Beat's founder - explained that the management company may be down, but that 3 Beat is far from out.

"It really saddens me to have to close 3 Beat Label Management and to see the knock-on effects of this decision," said Jon. "Unfortunately, I think the demise of Amato will cause further repercussions in the world of dance music before things settle down again."

"I am now looking forward, focusing positively on the rest of the 3 Beat Records business, which remains buoyant. Our recent deal with Universal will see 3 Beat Productions aiming for crossover success in 2008, the record shop is as strong as ever and our recent foray into club promoting has been an unqualified success. These are the areas on which we will be focusing in 2008."