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Dani Deahl gives us the truth about chicks with decks

Chicago DJ, Dani Deahl sets the record straight about female DJs by sharing five truisms about women jockeys with DJ Mag. 

1. "We have a sense of humor to handle stupid questions like, 'did your boyfriend teach you to mix?' Yup…he sure did…it’s also where I learned other important DJ skills like finger hearts, air piano, and how to pretend to twist EQ knobs during long songs."

2. "We have a strong self-image and dressing to impress is fun, especially when the fashion world is our oyster. We don’t just get the t-shirt and hat companies knocking at our doors – that lil crop top and skirt combo with 2Pac’s face on it is indie couture, baby."

3. "We can set up our equipment without messing up our hair, breaking a nail or asking for help. Much skill, so amaze, such wow."

4. "We have boobs....because you know, female."

5. "We work harder to get the same amount of credit as guys. No funny comment here, it’s just true."

Check out Deahl’s monthly podcast featuring electro mainstays  like Steve Aoki, Chainsmokers, MAKJ, and Victor Niglio. All the while you also get a great perspective and interview from the man behind the new after hours in Vegas, After, Svast. He put out the viral image of the "rules" for their DJ’s that caught everyone's attention from fans to artists and the media. This podcast features an interesting exchange between Dani and Svast about night clubs, techno, pre mixed sets, and music in general.