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60 Seconds With... Len Faki

Berghain resident Len Faki is one of Berlin's top tastemakers.

Whether spelunking the subterranean depths of pitch black techno, or aiming for the highest heights of filter disco, his dancefloor knowledge and ability to read the crowd has made him one of the most influential figures in dance music, and with his two labels Figure and Podium, Faki is cleaning up.

No surprises then that he's been tasked with mixing Berghain 03', the latest compilation missive from the uber warehouse club. Containing cuts from Radio Slave, Burial and Basement Jaxx, it's certainly an eclectic blend. We snagged Faki to learn a little more...

Your 'Berghain 03' mix is a lot housier in the second half than
what people might expect – do you want to defy people's expectations
of what you play?

„Well, I guess it might throw up a few surprises to anyone who has not heard me play at my Ostgut resident nights. During the extended long sets there, around six to eight hours, I have the perfect playground to move through house and techno. I love having the chance of taking people on a musical journey and travelling through all kinds of different sounds. So that was what inspired me and was the challenge for the CD as well. When you listen to the CD it's half techno, half house, but the basic theme and feeling is still techno. Paradoxically as it seems..."

You've included Burial's remix of Bloc Party as the last track – is dubstep something you like in general, and have you had the chance to play any at Berghain?

„Absolutely. I'm always drawn to music and artists who try to get out of the box, who dare to combine elements from all types of genres, which dubstep does, obviously. Especially Burial, exquisitely!"

What have you got coming up on your labels Podium and Figure?

Right now, the latest release is a new Chymera track, plus a drifting house remix by Deetron. And there is a lot more to come. Since last year I have focused so much on the label work, that there was just no way of taking care of it on my own anymore. So the label team grew, too. The next releases will be by tony Lionni, Pfirter, a new A.Mochi. a new special series, Figure SPC, is on the way too, The first one will be a 3x12inch from Jeroen Search. a bunch of all sorts of sounds and artists who come from various musical backgrounds. As you see, here I have tried to create a platform for different sounds. I am sure there will be something coming up on Podium as well, but later this year, because of a lack of time!"