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60 Seconds With...Barry Ashworth

Don Dada of the Dub Pistols,

Barry Ashworth has had a crazy year of touring in the wake of the band's acclaimed album 'Speakers and Tweeters', playing gigs in such far-flung locations as China and Russia. With new single 'Peaches', featuring Rodney P, out now and a tour kicking off in November, DJmag grabbed Ashworth to get the scoop on rappers, gigs and dub tunes.

Your new single is a version of The Stranglers' classic 'Peaches'. Why did you choose to cover this tune?

"I love the original and it's got one of those unforgettable basslines. We knew it would suit Rodney P down to the ground. We had visions of opening up on a sunny beach when we shot the video, which didn't happen, obviously, 'cos it didn't fuckin' stop raining all year!"

Rodney P rhymes on the track. If you could collaborate with any other rapper who would it be?

"We've already worked with 50 Cent. We'd really like to do something with Roots Manuva. To be honest, we've spent so much time doing stuff with American MCs that it'd be good to concentrate on UK styles now."

You've played live and DJed all over the world recently, but where's the most memorable place you've played?

"The Beautiful Days festival in Devon was one of the highlights of the year for us. The Guilfest in Guildford was wicked, and St. Petersburg, Russia, with Lily Allen, on the Neva River was really special. But overall, Beautiful Days."

What other music are you feeling at the moment that you're playing out in your DJ sets?

"I'm like everyone else at the moment, a bit all over the place. I love the new Chemical Brothers' track and the Justice stuff. Too much to mention!"

Given that the band's called The Dub Pistols, what's your favourite dub tune and your favourite Sex Pistols tune?

"Probably 'God Save The Queen' as best Sex Pistols track and maybe 'Sir Niney's Rock' by King Tubby for favourite dub tune, but it's difficult 'cos there's so many to choose from!"

What's next for The Dub Pistols?

"We've already started working on the next album with Gregory Isaacs, done some stuff with Terry Hall, Suggs from Madness has just agreed to do something with us - so we're just putting that all together. And we've got a new tour in November: keeping it rolling on, basically."