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60 Seconds With...My Digital Enemy

The trio of Harry Diamond, Kieron McTernan and Sergei Hall are making some big noise with their club-trashing My Digital Enemy project.

Their bombastic, rough and ready electro-house sound has ensured that the remix offers are flying in, and the latest, a dirty re-rub of Groove Armada's 'Song 4 Mutya', out 23rd July, is their best yet. We snagged Harry Diamond to get the lowdown on their name, the remixes and their soundtrack work…

Why did you choose the name My Digital Enemy?

"In the music industry, everything's gone digital now, from downloading to people just generally using computers. We're always up against it, there's always like a time constraint, like a digital countdown, things can go wrong continuously. The music industry is our enemy, at times, that's the irony of us working against and with it."

How did it feel to remix Groove Armada's poptastic new track 'Song 4 Mutya' into a grubby electro cut?

"It was wicked. When we got the track, we'd thought it was one of the best tracks on their album - like Gary Numan crossed with Richard X. There were so many things to play around with. It's a fantastic record in its own right so it was a pleasure to do."

You're some of the first to bring trance elements into electro-house, and now everyone's at it. How did you hit on such a winning formula?

"I suppose it's because we come from a trance background, but we've been writing music professionally for the last six years or so. A few years ago when trance was really big, we were still making it, and although things are slowing down a bit, nowadays we still like trance music so we use those old elements of what we were doing in the past and put it into the new stuff."

Who do you see as your peers musically?

"For me it's Eric Prydz, every single remix he does is just magic. Axwell's great on the housier side, some techno people as well, I think Dave Clarke is an amazing producer."

Tell us about your side project Machines Wielding Weapons

"We came up with the idea to do a breakbeat grunge rock-type band. We wanted to see if we could do that type of music as well, and bring dance elements into it. We did it predominantly for movie soundtracks and adverts, and we got some of the tracks in some ads and TV shows in the States, and now we're working on an album."

What's next for My Digital Enemy?

"We've got our single 'Wasted' coming up. It's not as hard as some of the stuff we do - it's more of a summery thing. It's still got elements of trance and electro in it, but we wanted to do something that's cool and commercial at the same time. Our DJing is also kicking off, we're getting a lot of gigs around the country."