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One of Germany's best-loved DJs

Tini Günter, better known by her stage name, tINI, is one of Germany's best-loved DJs. A well-established member of Loco Dice's Desolat family, she's been a lynchpin of the label's much renowned showcases — as well as their affiliated Artist Alife agency — for nigh on five years. A DJ of considerable repute, she's also a dab hand in the studio, as her 2011 long-player, 'Tessa', aptly demonstrated.

2013, however, looks set to be a real watershed year for the German spinner, as she embarks on a tour that will take her all over Europe and the US. Her tINI & the Gang parties at Playa d'En Bossa beachside venue, Sirocco will also return. This summer's concept duly remains very much intact. Running every Wednesday from 12-midnight, it'll see the ringleader herself again call on a number of her renowned DJ friends, while the cover charge remains the same: absolutely free.

Unsurprisingly, last year's events proved a huge hit with in-the-know workers and clued-in clubbers, but they also spoke volumes of tINI's desire to give back to an island that's truly embraced her over the past few years.

This summer could well be dominated by Desolat's latest star turn. With all this in mind, we caught up with the lady herself to discuss Ibiza and her future plans...

It's a big year for you in Ibiza, right?

“Yes, definitely. Every year in Ibiza is important because everyone from everywhere comes together. This year is especially important though, because it's the third year of tINI & the Gang, and it's the first time I'm going to do a full season.

This year, I'll be starting in June, whereas I started in August over the last two seasons. So now that I have the full season, there'll be 15 parties, and I'll have DJs there from all over the world playing. I'm really, really excited about the line-ups. I'm also playing gigs in a lot of the other clubs, so there'll be around 30 dates where I'll be playing on the island this summer.”

That's a lot of gigs...

“Yes, it should be exhausting but I'm still very excited about it all. It's going to be a big challenge to find the right music for each party, but I think it's going to be great because the vibe at the beach party is always different to the clubs, so it gives me a nice variety in what I can play.”

Do you tailor your sets towards where you're playing, then?

“Well, as I use Traktor I always have everything with me, so I have a database with all kinds of music. I never prepare my sets though, I just go with the flow. I suppose my sets, you could say, are as good as the crowd, and obviously the soundsystem plays its part too. If I can create the right vibe with the people, it can be very deep and sometimes it can be banging at a bigger club, but I don't really plan. I come to the club, I catch the vibe, I see what the crowds like and how I feel, and then we all work something out.”

And how did you settle on the venue, Sirocco?

“I was actually one of the first DJs to do parties there. It's a really good restaurant in the daytime and a really nice beach, and when we heard of the opportunity to do parties there, we knew it was too good to turn down. I saw the place and instantly fell in love with it, it has a lovely vibe. I get along very well with the owners, and they let me do what I want. I like that it's a little bit aside from everything else too.”

You're a big fan of Ibiza in general, right?

“Yeah, I've been coming here for a long time. 2002 was the first time, then I had a break for a while. My first season with tINI & the Gang was the first season I stayed, and I've come back for a sustained period every year since.”

Do you think Ibiza has helped your career, then?

“Definitely. I think it's a great place to show what you can do. People from everywhere come here to party, and the variety of people you reach is pretty unique in Ibiza. People come here to rave and see DJs, so I think that makes the difference. They want to listen to new music and they want to have a good time.”

And tINI & the Gang — it's a free party, right?

“That's right. I don't do it for any financial gain; all the money I make I put back into the party by paying the DJs, the staff, the soundsystem, for the artwork. So it's not about me trying to do the best party to be rich — I get rich from the feeling the party gives me. I do everything with love, I set up my own candles. I put stickers on everyone, it's my little baby and I think people feel that when they come down, and I'm very proud of the crowd I've created at the beach.”

Do you feel like you're giving back to Ibiza in a way?

“Definitely. I had this conversation with a couple of DJs, and I was really glad to hear them tell me that I gave the island back some sort of spirit. Nowadays, a lot of things in Ibiza are about massive entrance fees, huge hotels and expensive drinks, and you can't get a place for the season as all the apartment owners want to do everything weekly. I don't think Ibiza will ever lose its ravers, but it still needs to do something to preserve the vibe.”

I wanted also to ask about your close relationship with Loco Dice. Where did you first meet him?

“The first time was in Ibiza, and I was introduced to him by my friend Tessa when he was playing. We didn't instantly become friends, but when I started DJing more in my hometown, Munich, Dice was playing one night on the same bill as me. I was playing a really tribal type of Tania Vulcano-esque house music at the time, and Dice liked what he heard.

He came in early and listened to my set, and asked me if I'd like to play back-to-back with him later in the night. I was so nervous that myself and Tessa had to go to a bar across the street to get some shots! And really, our relationship has just grown from there and we've been in contact ever since.