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Able Seaman!

Dave Seaman celebrates 20 years with new compilation

PROGRESSIVE house champion and Audio Therapy boss Dave Seaman is back with a flurry of new activity. Celebrating 20 years in the music game, the DJ is set to release the fourth volume in the popular mix series, 'Therapy Sessions Vol. 4', on 16th October, through his Audio Therapy stable. Consisting of two CDs mixed by Seaman himself, he takes us on a journey through various flavours of deep and progressive house.

"It's a mixture of all sorts," Seaman commented. "Two CDs allow you to express yourself more. This one starts off ambient, then picks up, gets deeper. There are a couple of tribal things, then it gets more techy, into some progressive, and then some oldfashioned Balearic at the end." Staggeringly, it's also the 23rd mix compilation that Seaman has created and he's still thrilled to be boshing out the beats after so many years at the forefront of dance music. "I'm lucky to be here really, 20 years later! It's been a hell of a journey," said Seaman.

On the production side, he's resurrecting the Brothers in Rhythm project with Steve Anderson for a new remix of Tracey Thorn - their first in five years. Seaman's Audio Therapy imprint is also in full effect, enjoying a new lease of life by exploiting the unmixed CD compilation format. "We've been doing these Audio Therapy CDs, unmixed, 10 exclusive tracks to the CDs, from all over the place, and the next one is amazing. The idea of collecting together a lot of new music on one CD for DJs is injecting new life into the label."

This Seaman will be sailing for some time yet.