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AIAIAI introduce their new Modular Headphone System

AIAIAI have launched a rather cool new successor to their rather popular TMA–1 headphone range, but this new entry to the headphone market comes with a twist as the new TMA–2 headphones incorporate a Modular system that allows users to create their very own customised pair of headphones.

The TMA–2 Modular is a headphone system comprised of Modular audio technology that lets you create your own unique listening experience by selecting the individual parts that make up the headphone for your own particular needs. The headphones can be adapted for all listening situations — the daily commute, your DJ gig or studio production duties.

Take a peek at the new where you can choose from a range of presets (pre-configured headphone builds) if you don’t want to build your own pair, or get inspired by artists’ configurations, friends and long-time advocators of the TMA headphone range — artists and labels  like Ed Banger, Young Guru, Bonono, Peanut Butter Wolf, Eclair FiFi and many more. Or simply build your own headphones from scratch with the rather nifty build generator.

The whole experience is as would be expected from AIAIAI — slick, cool and minimal in design and effort, and yes the results are very, very pleasing

Check out the video below it see what all the fuss is about…