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Akai XR20 Beat Production Station

Portable Beat Machine Integrates Drums, Percussion, FX and Instrument Samples

There's an increasing number of music production gadgets coming out that will run on batteries. Akai's offering is aimed at people wanting to make beats on the move.

It's loaded with sounds that are geared towards hip-hop and R&B flavours, with over 700 pre-loaded drums, percussion, effects and instrument samples.

It also features effects such as reverb, EQ and compression to add a little polish to tracks.

The pads can be used to play samples, or trigger patterns for jamming a set. It also features Akai's drum roll and note repeat functions.

You can plug in a mic to mix over the top of the music, but there's no recording or sampling features for customizing the sounds or making whole songs.

Available: April 2008
Price: £219