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<p>Akai join the DJ controller market with two new gadgets for Serato DJ</p>

Akai are making strides in the DJ world with two new controllers — the AFX and AMX — for Serato DJ. The two new controllers add extensive hands-on controls to a variety of DJ set-ups ranging from Serato NoiseMap Control Vinyl (DVS), minimalist controllers, HID-capable CD transports, and more.

Akai looks like it's taking the fight to Native with the release of these two new controllers, which are more than likely to put up a good fight against the popular Z1 and X1 controllers. Serato DJ users are now getting all the tools to compete with their Traktor compatriots.

Akais AFX controller is for both modern electronic dance music artists and turntablists. It features a good selection of knobs, pads and buttons for total track manipulation. Ten pad modes enable DJs to trigger samples, set and launch hot-cues, slice songs, and assemble loops whilst deep in the mix. The AFX has eight velocity-sensitive, back-lit pads. Touch-activated FX knobs provide sound sculpting prowess with a creative twist. Touch mode allows the knobs to respond with a turn, a tap, or both. An endless controller with LED readout delivers needle-drop access to any point in the track. AFX is the first Official Serato Accessory to include exclusive controls for Seratos newly released Serato Flip Expansion Pack. More on this new development in another post!

The AMX controller is a plug and play mixing control surface with inputs for Serato NoiseMap control signals. AMX plays sweetly with Serato DJ, and features a 24-bit, 96 kHz audio interface for instant connection to the mix chain. The AMX is also loaded with gain, EQ, filter knobs, two line faders, and a mini innoFADE crossfader. This mini monster is packed to the gills with top end features and componentry.

The new AMX controller is the perfect bit of kit for a Serato DJ set-up, utilizing turntables or CD controllers with Serato NoiseMap (DVS). And there is more, the AMX is the first interface to take advantage of Seratos newly announced DVS Expansion Pack. Each EQ and Filter knob is touch-activated for generating all-new sonic expressions. Transport and library navigation controls complete the mouse-less experience, meaning that DJs can spend more time creatively in the mix rather than fiddling with their bits.