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'Time Machine EP' out 5th March

Alan Braxe; an iconic name who's synonymous with revitalising the French music scene. Multifaceted, determined and commonly seen to be 'mucking in' and adopting several personas - be it DJ, producer, remixer, label head or even promoter.

Dedicated to outsourcing and nurturing fresh talent, pushing boundaries and revolutionising sound through his own vast expanding label 'Vulture Music'. 

The Paris based producer and pioneer was quickly earmarked due to early collaborations e.g. with Daft Punk's legendary Thomas Bangalter, with which they produced 'Music Sounds Better With You' under the collaborative collective Stardust.

His signature sound: lucid, bold and refined and after years of selflessly focussing on his label and others, he's stepping out with a generous 11 track EP/remix package ('Moments in Time EP') to give away for FREE on Scion AV! We've been lucky enough to sample a flavour of whats to come and it's sounding pretty sumptuous!

'Time Machine with Spimes (Chateaubriand remix)' bares no exception to his usual finesse, this time supplying us with a crisp sentimental vocals and a chord progression to make you go weak at the knees. Baby-making music come beach house. 

'Time Machine', 'One More Chance', 'Voices' and 'Daydreaming' as well as all those remix beats will be available from the 5th March at You can stream the Time Machine with Spimes (Chateaubriand Extended Remix) below.