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Algoriddim's DJAY app now comes with Spotify integration...

Not since the dreaded 'Sync Button' has one product courted more controversy. However, Algoriddim’s update to their mighty popular DJAY 2 app has started a whole new level of debate. Some will love it, others will loathe it, but as it was when DJs started to take laptops into clubs when digital was just a fledgling advancement, a point that often brought scorn, so it will be again as DJs entertain the power of instant streaming — potentially unlimited tracks — and the ability to have the next track selected for you. Yes, this is the future, and it's here now!

Algoriddim have released an update to DJAY 2 that now includes tight integration with Spotify and a new function called Match: a unique track recommendation tool for DJs powered by The Echo Nest. These two innovations now mean that DJs can access their Spotify accounts and play tunes, and stream to their iPads and iPhones directly from their playlists in Spotify, as if the tunes were stored centrally on their devices. The ability to mix millions of tracks from whatever genres is now a simple push of a virtual button away.

Match then takes it to the next level. It's your very own personal ‘Selector’ that gives DJs real-time, intelligent suggestions on what track to play next, powered by The Echo Nest's analysis of all the music on Spotify. It analsyses the track that is playing and picks other tracks that would be a good fit to mix with.

The new update also adds more FX to the bag and brings you a variety of new features and improvements.

Love it or hate it, this is a glimpse of the future now. It won’t be long before the other major players in DJ technology look at copying Algoriddim and incorporating something similar to their products. However, for now, check it out — DJAY 2 is leading the charge, this truly is the next step in Digital DJing.