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Alison Wonderland: ‘I love Detroit techno’

The Aussie artist reveals she’s a big Detriot techno fan…

During a recent quickfire interview with DJ Mag, Alison Wonderland — who released her second studio album last week — admitted that she has a bit of a soft spot for Detroit techno.

When asked house or techno, she said, “Techno for sure. I love techno. It’s super interesting. Especially the Detroit stuff and how it was started. It’s sick.”

Her recently released second album is a heady mix of digital-pop and bass-heavy beats and marks an evolution of her sound honed by years of headline shows and festival slots, including EDC Las Vegas and Lollapalooza.

“I just wanted to go bigger and really push myself on this album,” she said via a press release. “Vocally, I can hear a massive difference. I’m a lot more comfortable with my voice now. I’m not afraid to get on the mic and just go for it.

“I believe writing an album’s a lot like a time capsule – if you’re doing it right and being honest with yourself,” she added. “Many of these songs are about myself-struggle, my depression and being with someone who has their own problems you have to deal with."

Wonderland recently revealed during Reddit AMA that she plans to do a lot more Twitch streaming in the future where she can explore more of her influences.

“Hey so with twitch I want to start streaming myself djing open format sets,” she explained. “Like a house party set. I miss doing this as its how I started. last time I had a house party I djed for 8 hours straight”.

Check out the full interview below.