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Allen&Heath Double Drop

It's a busy month for Allen & Heath as they hit us with a double dose of new mixers, direct from the Xone.

The first product to land will be the highly anticipated Xone:2D. It's been a long time coming, but Allen & Heath have used the time to add some final tweaks which will make all the difference in the mix.

The layout has undergone a redesign since the original pictures were posted and now includes a cross fader and more vertical space between the Midi dials for easier tweaking.

Many users found the old Xone:3D a bit too cramped in this area to use properly, but the good news is that the latest 3D models benefit from the more spacious layout as well - pictured.

The USB2 soundcard on the 2D streams audio up to 24bit/96Khz quality and features three analogue stereo input channels, four output channels, plus one additional stereo digital in and out.

It can be used on its own for software DJing and has extensive monitoring features for all audio channels plus it has plenty of inputs round the back for connecting turntables and CD players.

The intelligent BPM counter can detect the beat from any of the mixer channels and output the tempo as a Midi clock signal for synchronising software such as Ableton live, and uses the same nudge facility as the 3D to perfectly match the beats.


For those that missed the PLASA run-down, next up from A&H is the brand-new Xone:42 mixer. As its name suggests it offers four channels, with total kill three-band EQ, nine-segment three-colour bar meter, gain control, and 60mm faders.

The Xone:42 expands the range with some new tricks, such as the 'X-FX' control. This sends the signal to an external effects unit and then mixes it back in through the filter section for some serious tweaking, similarly to the new Pioneer DJM-700.

Another useful addition is the built-in USB soundcard which comes as standard. This is set up to stream tracks from a computer and piggybacks on the microphone channel where it can use the two-band EQ and rotary level control. It can also record back into the computer from the master out.


Price: Xone:2D £499 / Xone:42 £599

Released: October