Pacha's original night

2013 saw Pacha increase the frequency of their legendary Flower Power party; one of Ibiza’s longest serving nights. They are now held every Tuesday  - a huge boost for those who want to check out one of the the best alternative nights on the island. 

We arrive at the club to see hundreds of people donning  afro wigs, tie-die shirts emblazoned with more peace signs than there are joss sticks in Kathmandu. If you saw this on a suburban UK high street, you may think it down market, but to look at this in the same light is disingenuous. Flower Power is about bringing back a bygone Ibiza age - where the hippies ruled the island and peace was their mantra.

The first thing we notice inside the club - a place we know very well - is that the decor transforms the space -taking it back to a different era. Outside we find an Ibiza remake of the famous Sgt Peppers montage, with the flowers on the grave spelling out 'Pacha' and 'Flower Power' painted on the drum (see top image).

People of all ages flood into this night to dance to classic balearic hits from the 60s, 70s and 80s. The genres are spread out over the night, mixing into each other to create a mishmash of eras. As we walk in we were met with the timeless, ‘Hit the road Jack’, and about a thousand hippies grinning in unison.

One thing that is guaranteed from a vist to Flower Power is the rediscovery amazing songs, long forgotten in your concious, bought back to life - along with the memories that accompany them.

Sure, Ibiza is about dance music (as is this website), but every now and again, it is good to do something different. And if you are looking for that tip in Ibiza - come to Flower Power. Peace.