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Amsterdam elects new night mayor, Shamiro van der Geld

He takes over from the previous night mayor, Mirik Milan...

Amsterdam has elected a new night mayor, Shamiro van der Geld. He will be taking over from Mirik Milan who has stepped down after serving two full terms in office. 

Van Der Geld was voted the new night mayor at a ceremony in the city on Saturday night (24th February) by a five-member jury and audience. 

Van Der Geld has strong ties with the city’s culture having worked as an MC, TV presenter and music producer, and has also worked with the city's Vunzige Deuntjes festival.

The newly elected night mayor will hold the position from 2018 until 2020, during which time he hopes to increase the diversity of the city’s world-famous nightlife.

He’s going to have big shoes to fill, as during Milan’s two terms he managed to achieve 24-hour licenses for the city and spearheaded the ‘Chicks On a Mission’ Congress, which focussed on entrepreneurship, sexism and safety for women in nightlife. 

Mirik Milan was elected the city’s first night mayor in 2012 during an election night at Melkweg and then re-elected again at club Trouw Amsterdam in 2014. 

Photo credit: Patrick Ebu Mordi

* This article has been updated as of 18:20 Friday 2nd March, as an incorrect header image was previously used. We would like to apologise to Shamiro van der Geld for this error.