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The <b>Dmix300 MP3 player</b> brings together all the essential features from the Cortex range at a very competitive price.

The first player of its type, the Dmix300 desktop player is ideally suited to mobile DJs, bars and house-party sound systems. It's an all-in-one combination of decks and mixer, with the ability to stream multiple tracks from one or more iPods and USB drives, as well as good old CDs.

The built-in docking station sits slap bang in the centre and can keep the iPod (third generation and above, including Nanos) charged up, as well as stream tracks to either deck with full control over the pitch to scratch or cue into the mix.

The USB port at the rear can accommodate most types of USB flash drives, hard drives and music players, and searching for tracks is very easy thanks to the large LCD screens and the computer-like menu system for navigating folders.

The console has everything you would expect from a twin deck set-up. The tri-mode jog wheels can be used to scratch and mix in the typical way, plus they can also be called on for search and pitch-bend duties. The internal mixer features three-band EQ, isolator to cut the frequencies and a super smooth crossfader with curve controls.

There are separate outputs for master and booth consoles, as well as a split headphone cueing system located round the front. Regular vinyl decks and line level devices can also be brought into the mix through the twin RCA inputs on the rear of the unit.

For the MCs in the house, a dynamic style microphone can be plugged in on the front of the console and it has individual controls for gain, plus high and low EQ to help balance it in the mix.

Weighing in at around 12 lbs, it's a lot less bother to carry around than most other options, and with the convenience of digital streaming from hard drives there's no need to even take a CD case to gigs anymore.

Cortex are setting the new standard for mobile DJs.





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