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Final Touch App Review...

App: Final Touch
Developer: PositiveGrid
Format: iOS
Price: £13.99

Final Touch is a portable mastering system that the creators Positive Grid have worked alongside engineers from Apple to create. It promises to bring studio quality results to a portable platform.

This plug-in is something of a Swiss Army Knife of tools with a maximizer, pre and post equalisers, four band dynamics, stereo imaging, reverb and dithering all available in one system ready to slip into a pocket.

This mobile-first mixing and production platform gives producers and musicians the tools they need to create polished professional-sounding tracks both in the studio as well as out on the road, and is just as useful on stage as an effects unit as it is in a recording environment.

Any professional mastering system must have top-notch audio processing quality, which is something Final Touch has in spades thanks to Positive Grid's Digital Signal Processing expertise, which have been put to fine use when creating the iOS Double Precisions vDSP architecture.

As well as looking impressive on paper, it sounds amazing as well. Final Touch when in the hands of an experienced studio engineer can bring detail and clarity to mixes, and make them louder, fuller and more powerful.

This mixing and mastering suite will suit both project studio owners and professional users, especially as it can be easily taken to every session without the nightmare of lugging a rack of outboard gear around. This handy app is bound to find favour with many musicians and producers across all levels and genres.