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The latest iPad studio app.

Studio apps on the iPad are coming out thick and fast, and as they do, are just getting better. The newest app for producers to look at is Synergy Studio from 4PocketsAudio. They also made the Meteor Multi-Track recorder and StompBox guitar effects rack apps.

Synergy Studio is a sequencer that lets anyone get deep down and dirty in the production arena. Designed to be used by producers with varying musical abilities, by simply tapping on the grid interface, users can lay down a series of notes and patterns of up to 64 notes.

Once happy with the initial tinkering, users can add extra layers to their creations by selecting different instruments for each layer. As the layers are built up, intricate musical patterns are created. Synergy Studio features a fully integrated mixer with effects options that can be added to the patterns to give them a more professional feel.