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Scandinavian electronic disco from Norway, Denmark and Sweden...

1.     Dolle Jolle ‘Balearic Incarnation (Todd Terje’s Extra Døll Mix)’
He hit big with ‘Inspector Norse’ recently but Todd has been knocking out hits for years. This hypnotic, chugging disco trancer is a perfect introduction to the ice cool world of Scandisco.

2. Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas ‘Sykkelsesong’
The most famous pairing of Norwegian producers made this gem for their debut album back in 2005. With punky guitars, Kosmische synth frequencies and big disco chords, it marked the start of something special.

3.     Mental Overdrive ‘Dada Urka’
Tromsø’s Per Martinsen has been operating since the late ’80s on labels like R&S. But this recent missive from the eclectic producer is a spacious excursion into 4/4 beats and floating synths.

4.     Diskjokke ‘Flott Flyt’
Throbbing arpeggios, twinkling keys and propulsive bass guitar power this more upfront Norwegian cosmic masterclass.

5.     Blackbelt Andersen ‘Sirup (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)’
A brilliant artist in his own right, but Prins Thomas serves up one of his stalac-tight (sorry) remixes to make ‘Sirup’ more adaptable to the floor.

6.     Hatchback ‘White Diamond’
Prins Thomas also produced a version of this, but the horizontal star gazing majesty of the original is the best: one for the synth dreamers.

7.     Casiokids ‘Den Lange Veien Hjen’
They were originally a kind of disco punk group in the DFA mould, but Casiokids went all the way cosmic with this epic bubbler of vintage synths and killer groove.

8.     Jarle Brathen ‘Stjernekrigen’
A heads down mean piece of disco techno designed with the mirrorball in mind.

9.     Acid Woman ‘No Country For Old Men’
A one-off musical diversion for excellent Swedish DJ/producer Axel Boman. Ultra heavy disco percussion, synth bubbles and a truly soulful sample power this lush number along.

10.  Kenton Slash Demon ‘Daemon’
The Danish duo are currently making power moves. Check this 2012 cut to see what all the fuss is about — big synth bass, poignant vocals and shimmering FX that are more than the sum of their parts.

11.  Uffe ‘Good For You’
Another disco Dane, Uffe just released a great album for Danish label Tartelet — check it. This is newer, something for the cool UK label Delusions of Grandeur.

12.  Lindstrøm feat Grace Hall ‘Home Tonight’
A perfect balance of pop hooks and psychedelic glare, this nigh on 10-minute beast culminates in an amazing piano pounding coda.

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