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Apple will unveil the new macOS and iOS versions on June 4th

The dates for this year’s WWDC have been set…

Apple’s vision for how their macOS and iOS operating systems will evolve will be outlined at their yearly Worldwide Developer’s Conference on June 4th. The event, which usually affects producers, musicians and DJs in some way, will likely showcase iOS 12 and the next version of macOS.

For music-makers, iOS has come on leaps and bounds the past few versions, introducing both Core Audio and Core MIDI for easy integration with your studio. Garageband for iOS came of age, Korg released music-making app Gadget along with a few other iOS apps and over on macOS, a recent update allowed Logic users to finally take advantage of more than 18 cores. How the OSs develop come June is yet to be seen, but they're likely to affect music makers. We'll be keeping an eye on any news as it breaks.