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A quick Q&A with Argy & Mama ahead of their debut album...

Argy & Mama are a duo based in Berlin. As both have successful individual background careers, with Argy having solo releases on Desolat and BPitch, and Mama having toured with Bloc Party's Kele, DJ Mag is excited to hear what the outcome of their collab is. The album is due to be released 20th January on BPitch but you can preview it on Soundcloud
Operating as a very different project to their respective solo work, Argy & Mama’s debut single features a blend of early UK rave and garage/2-step characteristics, all painted with Manchester's Hacienda sonic brushes as well as more modern house and techno aesthetics. All of it sits in perfect harmony with Mama's honey-coated, sultry '90s R&B vocal style that's delivered with the attitude and the spirit of a modern-time Grace Jones.
We quickly caught up with Argy & Mama before their album release...
You both have pretty successful individual careers, what made you become a duo?
Argy: "I always wanted to make a vocal album, something that would showcase my early '90s UK influences, from Massive Attack to garage and rave. Apart from having a great voice, Mama also wrote lyrics I could relate to and we soon started finding our own way of writing. If this wasn’t as effortless, we would have just done a one-off feature but it looks like there is more to it."
Your album is going to be released on BPitch, how does it feel to be releasing your debut album on such a respected label?
Argy: "I have personally demolished the myth of the 'big' label as nowadays there are only big management companies. If the music fits the brand and if the people sitting behind the office lines are on the same page as me, then we're good to go. The reason why BPitch Control is the right fit is because this album isn’t just 'techno' or 'club' music, but it’s song-based material also and that’s an area that the label has a good track record with."
What do you think of the dance music scene at the moment?
Argy: "I think it’s great that electronic dance music is finally perceived as a proper musical genre like rock or even jazz music. We are no longer a sub-culture. Back in university when I studied Music Technology, we were labeled as the 'dance guys', as most of the students were into indie music and hip-hop. Of course there are still a lot of rock music enthusiasts, but not all of them would be upset if some of their favourite purist bands would include techno sounds in their next album, for example. We are finally in."
Are you planning a live tour? Where can we catch you?
Mama: "We're ready to tour from Brixton to Auckland and take this show on the road but we'll be promoting the album for a little while to get the word out first. Catch us on Boiler Room and Beatport live sessions to get a sneaky peek of what’s to come to a city near you!" 
The duo also have an EP out on 27th February with remixes coming from Hot Since 82 & Kele.