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Arturia release six new plugins you’ll actually use: Watch

Three filters and three preamps make up the new collections…

Arturia have released six new plugins that they say you’ll “actually use”. Cleverly-titled ‘3 Filters You’ll Actually Use’ and ‘3 Pres You’ll Actually Use’, the filters are taken from elements of other famous synth clones while the pres are newly-made from the French company.

While the filters model the sections of the Moog, Oberheim Matrix and Oberheim SEM, the pres model famous sounds from Neve, Trident and what appears to be an old Seimens signal path that made its way into Abbey Road’s famous consoles. The filters have added extra features beyond just a cutoff, with sequencers, envelopes and modulators all included while the pres have added some basic EQs and filters. For an introductory price of £95 per plugin pack, they seem like a versatile collection for a good price point.

Arturia have been busy recently, dropping version 6 of their popular V Collection and updating their Minibrute synth to version 2.