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Audeze drop a bomb with their all new EL-8 Headphones

One product not on show at NAMM 2015 but which should have been is Audeze’s new EL–8 headphones.

Audeze are slowly making a name for themselves in the dance music market, and their newest product will cement this further. The new EL–8 Open back and Closed back headphones come with a 100mm driver and have been designed with DJs and producers in mind, but at half the price of their already popular (amongst in-the-know engineers and producers) LCD-X model.

The EL–8 will deliver the type of performance that would be expected with the LCDs due to the new technology that are driving these phones, but at a price that will make them more affordable/attractive to the masses.

Check out the first look video on Audeze’s Facebook Page