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Bicep drop new EP and chat

Some may feel as if Bicep miraculously sprung up with the daffodils earlier this spring, but they've actually been plugging away for a while now. Dabbling in production since setting taste-making blog in 2008, they've thrown enough parties to force Sven Väth to take a disco nap – at Plastic People, Dalston Superstore – and released silky deep house cuts on Throne of Blood, Love Fever Records and, most recently, Aus

Harbouring an eclecticism inspired by Optimo and a crate-digging mentality similar to the one we admire World Unknown for, Feel My Bicep parties are as hip as they are discerning. But it's their recent string of tunes that have really taken the biscuit. The lush Chi-town chords of '$tripper', the spangled cosmos of their 'Smoke Screen' remix or the textured tones of 'You', these guys have clearly got game. We caught up with Andy, one half of the partnership, for a chat...

What is behind Bicep and how did it come about?

“Bicep is the production offshoot of our website Feelmybicep which we started with a couple of friends to share music back in 2008. There was three of us that worked on the blog/parties (Matt, Andy and Rory). We have all been making music  for a real long time, more just messing around and then we (Andy and Matt) started properly realising stuff as 'Bicep' over the past year and a half.”  

Where did you guys meet and where are you living now?

“We met when we were really young, like four years old or something. We all went to the same school. At the moment we are living in Stoke Newington London.”

How long have you both been making music as Bicep?

“As Bicep we started making Italo disco, techno... literally anything we fancied. That was around four years ago. The more we started making stuff, the more offers we had to release it, and recently we've been focusing much more on house music, which we really love working on.”

How would you describe your sound?

"Our sound takes influence from a lot of genres and we never really intend to set out and make a track to fit a certain style, usually the more we work on stuff the more it becomes our sound. At the moment we are definatly taking more of an influence from the 90s Garage scene, both UK and US styles but trying to give our own take on what they did back then. We really draw influence from anything 80s/90s."

Tell us your Feel My Bicep events...

“At the end of last year, we ran a monthly party at Plastic People on a Wednesday night. Our ethos has always been to dig beyond what's obvious and handed to you on a plate. Whilst our blog can get very leftfield, we do tend to play more to the floor at the weekend. This is the same for all (good) DJs. Inspired by the legendary Optimo, we wanted to really put on something that didn't feel like it had to conform to the usual expectations of a weekend clubber. Our aim was to provide a great musical night with lots of energy but also show something different.

“We found with our ever increasing DJ schedule and wanting to produce our own music that we would be better to less regular parties but making them really special. We are planning some big one off parties this summer... hot tub in a gym anyone?”

Bicep/Ejeca/Omar Odyssey 'You/Don't' EP dropped onto Aus on 16th July. Dip into it below...