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Australia's largest known record collection goes up for sale

80,000 pieces of vinyl no less...

Australia's largest known record collection has gone up for sale, an archive so vast it will take the buyer six-and-a-half years to get through every last tune. 

Ken Perkins had been building his music library for over 50 years, with some vinyl almost a century old. Sadly the avid enthusiast died last month, leaving behind a black book of release catalogue numbers he was still trying to track down, and notes to family in the covers of his favourite albums. 

Spanning a multitude of genres, a value is understandably difficult to place on the lot, but given Dennis Hopper's 110 pieces of rare wax went up for grabs at £129,600 and the current high demand for vinyl we're probably talking about a sizeable sum. Experts have even called for official intervention due to the historic significance of the legacy left by Perkins. 

"It is one of the most awe-inspiring moments of my life actually," said Dr. Daryl Sparkes, a modern antique expert, after being called to assess the hoard, according to ABC Gold Coast. "Someone at a governmental level needs to take control of this collection as it is a national treasure."