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Autokratz Interview

Kitsune quiz the electro upstarts

Autokratz are one of the uber-hip artists to feature on the new 'Kitsune Maison 5' compilation. The label quizzed them on their current loves, hates and more…

Where are you now? What can you see?

David - "Hotel room in Dublin, the TV."
Russell - "Indeed. Trapped in a Dublin hotel with David's incessant whingeing."

What was the last thing you ate?

D – "A fish kebab."
R- "Yeah, I'm really not sure if that was a good idea."

3What was the last album you bought?
D- "Radiohead – 'In Rainbows'."
R – "The last album I bought was the Fall's 'Code Selfish', which was replacing an earlier copy which finally had either one scratch too many, one too many glasses of wine spilt on it, or one too many cigs put out on it. The last single was Yuksek - It Comes."

What was the last movie you saw?

D "Wim Wenders - Alice in the Cities."
R – "Harry, Un Ami Qui Vous Veut Du Bien". and it was really really ace."

What are you most looking forward to?

D – "Mastering alchemy."
R – "A summer of festivals, sunshine and listening to loads and loads of great new music."

What do you hate right now?
D – "That fish kebab from earlier."
R – "Falling in love with someone (you shouldn't have fallen in love with)."

What was the last thing you saw that you liked on TV?

D – "The Mighty Boosh."
R – "Flight of the Concords - check out their Bowie track on Youtube, ace."

Where or how do you feel most comfortable?
D – "Onstage, playing live."
R- "At home, in bed, with someone nice."

What would you class as your most defining moment?

D – "Being born and hearing Kraftwerk."
R – "Daft Punk in the dance tent at Glastonbury, and all of a sudden understanding electronic music."

What are your plans for tonight?

D – "To rock the shit out of Dublin."
R – "And jump around like a lunatic for a few hours."

Tour Dates/Release Details

"We have a new track on the Maison 5 compilation, a new single 'Pardon Garcon' out in March, our debut album comes out around May/June and we're playing all over Europe,
Japan and hopefully the States too between now and the over the summer."