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Bad meaning good

Criminal Clothing find DJ model

They searched high, they searched low - their assignment was a simple one, to 'find a new face, with a special skill or talent, who was edgy, raw and ready for a challenge' to front the brand for 2009. They spent a good part of 2008 hunting down their Face of Criminal through website auditions and much online trekking. Finally, a 27 year old drum and bass activist DJ from Hertfordshire, Michael Walsh aka Dissect, was crowned and is now celebrated and approved.

As a DJ who "sits listening to every little detail in a track from the highest frequencies down", he now makes the giant leap into a high street campaign exclusive to House of Fraser with a collection he has worked on with the Criminal design team. Pretty arresting stuff (sorry about that).
See him on billboards soon or catch him at Tech:nology in London.