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Balance throw first party at Ministry

Balance - the long running, consistently excellent compilation series – have announced their first ever Balance Series party in the UK, which is to take place at London's Ministry of Sound this Saturday 6th September.

The red hot CD compilation series, which boasts mixes from Lee Burridge and SOS amongst its illustrious catalogue is now into its 13th volume. To celebrate, they've corralled a clutch of their favourite DJs – all of whom have mixed CDs in their back catalogue - to rock the joint this weekend. In the Box, the legendary trio of SOS (Demi, Omid 16B, Desyn Masiello) are ready to roll the beats with a trademark, distinctive blend of progressive house, electro and cosmic disco treats. They'll be joined by other DJmag favourites Paolo Mojo, Luke Fair, Jonathan Lisle and Marc Hughes – a guaranteed corker then.

Tickets are available for £16.65 incl. BF in advance from HERE. Make sure you reach!