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Here’s five reasons why…

1. It's in India

We’ve long heard about India’s rise and rise, it’s space program, it’s new-moneyed classes, and now, slowly but surely, we’re starting to see rumours of an emerging Indian electronic scene. Spinnin signed a couple of emerging Indian artists last year, whilst the emergence of massive, massive festivals like Sunburn suggests India could become the latest mass techno-tourist location. We’re aware flights aren’t going to be the cheapest, but we somehow doubt a beer’s going to cost Ibiza’s €15 either. We’re intrigued to see how this pans out.


2. It’s got the biggest line up of December

December, that month known for Christmas, New Year and, erm, EDM festivals? Sunburn’s intriguing timing is probably more geared to the Southern Hemisphere than ours but a major advantage they have with that is a whopping line-up, featuring the likes of headliners Sub Focus, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Klingande, and Knife Party. 



3. It’s got one of the most diverse line-ups on earth

EDM not your thing? Don’t be put off by the above. Sunburn’s packing serious diversity when it comes to it’s wider line-up. Step away from the strobes and synth stabs of stages one & two and you’ll find an incredibly well curated house and techno stage, boasting the likes of Damian Lazarus, Jamie Jones, Sasha and, erm, Oliver Dollar.


4. It’s got a Psytrance stage, yes, a Psytrance stage

Adding to the diversity theme, (and after all said, we are in Goa...) Sunburn has a Psytrance stage. We’re not even for a second going to pretend we know anything about Psytrance. So we’re pretty keen to see how it pans out.


5. In fact it’s got experimental and live stages too

Despite an all EDM-guns-blazing main headliner line-up, Sunburn appears set on closer inspection to be one of the widest ranging festivals of 2014 - with six stages, amongst them a dedicated Live and Electronic stage. 


Oh, and did we already mention it’s in December, in Goa?


Check out the official site here


Words: Ally Byers