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Beatport launches new Hype Charts to support rising labels

Levelling the digital playing field... 

Beatport is launching new Hype Charts to support rising labels, the online music giant announced today. 

Set to arrive early-June, the new additions will feature prominently on the platform's ten biggest genre pages, and are being introduced to help shine some light on up-and-coming imprints, releases and artists that may have previously been overshadowed by bigger names and labels. 

"With so many incredible releases added to Beatport each week, there's a lot of competition for the attention of our DJ customers," said Terry Weerasinghe, Beatport's Chief Product Officer.

"The Hype Charts give top billing to those shining gems that might have previously gone under the radar. It's a valuable tool for Beatport to promote new talent, while encouraging the DJ community to dig deeper in the store."

As part of the 2018 IMS Business Report at the International Music Summit in Ibiza this week, Beatport also confirmed that its entire catalogue will be streamable to DJ software by 2019 following the purchase of Pulselocker last month