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We salute you!

From what started out as a hobby to now a full fledged brand has definitely shocked me,” explains Hype co-founder Liam Green. Along with Aidy Lennox, it’s only two years since they first started out and now they’re showcasing in China, the US and Europe.

Consisting of new cut and sew items and ladies wear pieces for the brand which is now stocked in Topshop. “Sticking with our reputation for ‘wacky’ prints and vibrant colour ways, we expect to shock our critics and fans alike with future collections,” Liam goes on to say.

It’s certainly been a swift migration from shifting a few t-shirts to hitting the high street. The two friends were on summer breaks from Uni when they decided rather than spending it kicking back that they’d dabble in creating a brand.

One of their first designs was the statement: Get Your Own Fucking Lighter. And when they released a cosmos themed collection early last year it was clear they were on to something.

Hype. We salute you.