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Sound advice from the Soundboy.

Launched last year in Birmingham, Soundboy UK is a clothing label with its heart set firmly on creating and nurturing street styles and attitudes. The aim of their game is to support and endorse high profile names in the world of street sport. But ultimately their passion orbits around the music industry and street culture; nothing gets their juices flowing more than a touch of hip hop, house, garage, grime and techno.

“We believe we represent the real deal urban UK,” explains top dog, Marc Da Costa. “If you’re an urbanite with aspirations and good intentions then Soundboy UK is for you!”

Sharing the love plays an important part in their story; they recently ran a competition to find new faces for the brand. And in actual fact it was a conversation that Marc had with his 16 year old daughter that the idea for his brand originally came from.

“What you wear is important because it can determine how people will respond to you,” Marc explains. Which is sound advice from the Soundboy.