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Behringer unveil video of new TR-808 clone: Watch

The German giants previewed a prototype at Superbooth in Berlin…

Behringer have unveiled their Roland TR-808 clone – the RD-808 – at the music tech conference Superbooth in Berlin. In a video with Sonic State, Behringer showed off a prototype of the 808 clone, which is fully analogue, one of the many re-creations the budget manufacturer has been rumoured to be working on.

While it maintains the 808 layout and colour scheme, according to the video Behringer have added some extra features such as a new global filter and transient designer. The unit includes full-size 1/4" jack outputs as well as MIDI over DIN and 3.5mm jacks for clocking. There's also a USB port for MIDI. 

Behringer say they're a month or two away from mass production and the unit could be available to buy as soon as August this year. No word on price yet, but knowing Behringer we can expect it to be affordable. If you can't wait that long, check out Roland's own 808 re-creation here and for the real thing, why not keep an eye on Moby's studio gear auction