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Believe the hype

Hypercolour to take over Great Suffolk St

Flagship house label Hypercolour will invade Great Suffolk Street Warehouse on Saturday 11th August for a takeover featuring Groove Armada, Todd Edwards, Maxxi Soundsystem and Alex Jones.

Originally billed to take place at London Pleasure Gardens (which went into administration last week), the event was recently relocated due to organisers' fears of Olympic clashes, as well as to ensure the surroundings were in tune with the feeling of authenticity they hoped to bring to the night.

Jamie Russell, one-half of the Hypercolour management, told us: "We made the decision to move the event over to London's Suffolk Street Warehouse for a few reasons. Firstly we wanted to go with a more authentic warehouse space, allowing you to experience the vibe that that we and the Groove Armada lads would like to bring you with this showcase. We also had concerns about the location of London Pleasure Gardens, what with it being smack bang in the middle of the Olympic zone. The event is happening on the last night of the Olympics and we can foresee some serious headaches for you all both to and from the event!”

Curiously, on the subject of the Olympics, promoter Dan Perrin revealed that some very special guests may be coming to join the fun too. He told us: “We can't say who just yet, but our bar guys are creating a New York-style loft and will bringing some of the athletes down to let off steam after the Games. It's gonna be one hell of a night!”

Having played host to sell-out nights from Drumcode, Cocoon, Leftroom and Phonica, the relocation to Great Suffolk Street Warehouse will be welcomed by many. Hypercolour doesn't do anything by half measure and this will be no exception.