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Remix EP 'Golden Ratio' coming soon on EBTG man's acclaimed label

Ben Watt's long-standing Buzzin' Fly label is set to release a special remix EP this month, its first since halting business in 2013. The one-off release is a vinyl EP entitled the 'Golden Ratio' featuring reworks of 'Golden Ratio' and 'Nathaniel', both of which appeared on Ben Watt's 2014 solo album, 'Hendra'.

The EP includes three different remixes of Ben Watt's 'Golden Ratio' by British house producer Charles Webster. In his first two versions, Webster adds a rattling bassline and ringing chords to transform the original into a melodic deep house track. In his third attempt, acoustic rhythms and drums accompany Watt's original vocals to help Webster craft a soothing and charming tune.

On the second half of the EP, English producer Ewan Pearson reworks 'Nathaniel' by combining light keyboard synths and drums with Watt's vocals to bring a New York-style twist to the original track.

The vibrant and colourful cover art was designed by John Gilsenan at iwantdesign, adding another fantastic sleeve to his collection with Buzzin' Fly.

Buzzin' Fly was first launched by Ben Watt in 2003. After years of techno and house releases on Buzzin' Fly, Watt put the label on hiatus so that he could focus on the release of his solo album. The 'Golden Ratio EP' will be the first release on the label in over a year. 

The 'Golden Ratio EP' vinyl package will be available on 17th November on Buzzin' Fly. Unmade Road will release the tracks digitally on the same day.

Grab a copy of the EP over at Buzzin' Fly's site here.

Words: Josh Molskness