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Berghain bouncer Sven Marquadt successfully sues company behind card game, Bergnein

The infamous doorman will receive €15,000 in damages...

The company behind a Berghain-themed card game - Bergnein - has been ordered to pay €15,000 in damages to the club’s bouncer, Sven Marquardt.

Sweden’s Gothenburg District Court ruled that games company Beware of Ninja would have to pay the fine and destroy all copies of the game in possession.

Released in 2016, Bergnein (formerly titled Berghain Ze Game) allowed players to act out the role of the fabled doorman where they could refuse or allow ravers entry into the Berlin techno club, but did not obtain Marquadt’s consent to use his likeness.

Alexander Kandiloros, creator of the game, told Sweden’s Musikguiden radio show that “Satire is dead in Sweden,” labelling the ruling “absurd”.

Recently, Marquardt unveiled a new photography exhibition at Georgian techno club, Khidi.