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Here are five of their studio essentials...

01. Roland SH-101
“One-stop shop for punchy, sub-heavy bass. This classic monophonic synth packs a great sounding sub-oscillator, which is the perfect starting place for club-ready basslines.”

02. Neumann TLM-102
“This is the mic we have set up in the booth in our studio 99% of the time. Although only a fraction of the cost of Neumann’s industry standard U87, the TLM-102 in no way sounds like a budget mic. It's brilliantly versatile too, so is perfect for tracking demos when we are working with vocalists.”


03. Yamaha NS10M Studio Monitors
“We do the bulk of our writing in sessions on our Genelec 8240 DSPs, however, no monitor can compete with the brutally unflattering NS10Ms for reliability when fine-tuning a mix.


04. U-he Diva

“Definitely one of our favourite analogue-modelling software synths. There aren’t many other ITB synths which can match it for warmth and believable analogue tone. Switching the resolution to ‘divine’ mode makes it come alive, although it pays to very quickly convert to audio as it is by no means the most CPU efficient.”


05. Cornilleau Sport 250 Indoor Table Tennis Table
“Sitting at a computer screen for hours on end can sometimes be a pretty big inspiration-killer. Having this little bad-boy in the studio provides a great way to break up heavy mixing sessions and give your ears a bit of a rest whilst simultaneously oxygenating your brain. It’s a great ice-breaker too when we have new studio guests. Who doesn’t love a bit of ping-pong?