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This blueprint poster charts the history of rave culture

Explore key scenes on the circuit diagram of a 303 bass synthesizer...

Online retailers Dorothy have listed a poster which maps out the history of rave music and culture on the circuit board of a 303 bass synthesizer.

Priced at £35, the new print celebrates over 900 DJs, clubs, musicians, free parties, sound systems, record labels, radio stations and fanzines that it considers pivotal to the movement.

Among the most visible touchstones on the poster are iconic Berlin nightspot Berghain and legendary Manchester venue the Haçienda. Artists featured prominently include New Order, Massive Attack and Orbital.

Titled 'Acid House Love Blueprint - A History of Dance Music and Rave Culture', this special 'Summer Of Love' edition can also be owned in royal blue as well as factory yellow.

From New York's legendary Loft parties (organised by David Mancuso) to the emergence of London's rare groove scene, the poster is the perfect way to brush up on your knowledge and fill in a few gaps. 

You can see the map in full and navigate through rave culture history here