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Bowers & Wilkins turn up the volume with the new P5 wireless headphones

Just when you thought that Bowers & Wilkins couldn’t take it up a notch what do they go and do? Yes turn it up to 11 by releasing a wireless version of their uber popular P5 headphones. Yes you heard correctly wireless, utilising top flight Bluetooth technology meaning that users still get all the hi quality audio playback as per the original P5 phones but without the wires (bloody obvious)

Drapped in luxurious leather and with a cool as aluminium build the P5’s look the part as well as sounding, well truly amazing! The P5 wireless has a battery life of 17 hours before they will need juicing up, which is done by a simple USB cable, plug into your computer for easy recharging.

Check out the video below for a closer look…