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Boxing Day Sessions

Computer DJ box sets from Numark

Numark help keep it tidy with Santa by offering a choice of three seasonal box sets comprising of a complete computer based DJ setup. Each system is based around a specific controller which offers a different angle for the computer DJ.

  • In the Professional box are the DMC2 controller, CUE V5 software, CM200 five channel USB mixer and a set of PHX headphones.

  • The DMC2 controller is modelled around their dual deck CD rigs, while the CM200 features two stereo channels of USB audio for mixing from computer sources plus eight additional line inputs and three more phono.
  • The Mobile box loses the CM200 and replaces it with the DJ iO audio interface, allowing users to pick their own hardware mixer.
  • The Total Computer system swaps the DMC2 for Total control and keeps the DJ iO and CUE software.

    All systems work with both Mac and PC computers and prices start at around £499, more info from