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Boys Noize and Lady Gaga reveal they been in the studio together

Both artists tease potential collaboration via Twitter…

Boys Noize and Lady Gaga have been teasing that they have been in the studio together working on a potential collaboration.

During an exchange on Twitter yesterday (19th April) the Berliner tweeted, "Lady Gaga spilt water over my modular system." She replied, "But then I resurrected it with a blow dryer, it was a christening." His response: "And it spit out beautiful weirdness afterwards."

It’s not the first time Gaga has courted electronic artists for her own music and shows, she famously had techno aficionado Surgeon warming up for her for some of her stadium shows.

During an interview in 2012 with Noisey, Boys Noize revealed that he would love to work with the pop star after she invited him to be a support act for her live shows.

He graciously turned down the offer but during the interview revealed that he'd love to work with her, "I'd like if she jumped on my music."

The legendary Berlin selector recently released the second volume of his Strictly Raw series where the producer focusses on more club-facing cuts.