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We chat to Boys Noize & nab an exclusive mix

On the cusp of his new collaborative mini album, ‘Strictly Raw’, Boys Noize has been revitalised by the album's concept of making tracks using only two synths and a drum machine, with his close friends and label mates.

“It's one of my favourite ways of producing,” explains the producer to DJ Mag via Skype from his studio in Berlin. “When you limit yourself to only a couple of machines you can create some of the best things. If you think about it: at the end of the '80s and the beginning of '90s house music started, and then acid and techno, and they basically only had one or two machines to work with, but ended up making like 20 tracks out of it."

Boys Noize

Even though he’s a veteran of the game, the producer still has a thirst for new experiences and making new music. “Nowadays it’s just incredible how many possibilities you have to create sounds. It’s good to be like 'lets just use this machine, and make a track out of it'. You know, I like to make it a quest, and that’s the idea behind the jam sessions for 'Strictly Raw'.”

But the producer admits even now — 10 years since he began his journey as Boys Noize — he’s still learning and experimenting. “Some of my new machines are really complex, so there are ones that I still need to explore more, and spend more time with it. I like to put myself into positions where I don’t know what I’m doing, as that can produce the best results.”

Boys Noize has been so inspired by going back to basics, he is using this rougher way of making music as a jumping off point for his next album, “I am deep in the process of my new album, I am planning to finish it in the next few months, so it’ll be ready for the beginning of next year. I can’t say anything about it just yet to be honest, but it’s definitely taking elements from the 'Strictly Raw' stuff.”

Mixhell mix an exclusive set for DJ Mag

With a new album in the works and his label in rude health, Boys Noize is also taking inspiration from the ever-increasing roster of artists on his label, Boysnoize Records, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. “We’re putting out a first album for this guy called Cardopusher soon. He’s from Venezuela, and he’s really inspiring me right now, to be honest. He’s doing stuff with a EBM and industrial, taking those early '90s EBM industrial tracks but making them more modern but not as polished, it’s an interesting time for it, as there aren’t many producers doing that sort of sound at the moment.”

Yet, despite his ridiculous DJing schedule — and hours squirreled away in his studio — the Berliner still finds time to wind down. “In Berlin there’s plenty of good places to go in the summer, there’s plenty of lakes to go to for a swim that aren’t too far away, or just hang out with friends. My life, you know, is all about music and stuff, so I am always looking for new music. So I can relax really well by going into records shop, looking for new music, and listening to vinyl."

As a special treat to celebrate the album's release, DJ Mag has bagged an exclusive mixtape from Brazilian tag-team duo and Boysnoize Records alumni, Mixhell.

Boys Noize’s ‘Strictly Raw’ is out 29th June on vinyl and digitally on 19th July via Boysnoize Records.