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The gear of music tech savant

Need a tech savvy brain? Call up film-scoring, app-creating, music- producing big daddy, BT. 

The Grammy-nominated artist has his hands full with the ever-growing laundry list of projects he takes on, but he decided he had room for one more: BT has teamed up with frequent collaborator Christian Burns and electro duo Tritonal to create their new single, “Paralyzed.” 

In honor of the release on August 11, we asked BT to share five pieces of his favorite pieces of production gear. Tune in…

1. “Sequential Circuits - Prophet 5. Because Dave Smith is a genius and it is the most beautiful, gloriously inspiring poly-synth ever made.”

2. “An OS9 G4 Dual 1.25 MMD with 24bit PT IN Logic 6.43. My favorite rig ever- and he last of destructive Audiosuite editing in Logic - essential to my workflow.” 

3. “CDP and Kyma - the two most powerful sound design environments ever created. CSound being a close third.” 

4. “A six string Yamaha bass. I can write melodic bass lines until the end of time on this instrument. Oh, and Peter Hook is an all-time hero.” 

4 (and a ½). “A toss up between Valhalla DSP and Lexicon 200. Without lush ‘80s reverb, it's not musical to me. You can have your side chaining- I'll take the 17-sec Hall algorhythm any day.” 

5. “My brain - it allows me to make music I love and want to listen too. Ultimately, any one of us is the most important instrument we'll ever have.” 

“Paralyzed” releases on August 11 through Enhanced Music. Preview it below.