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Bugged Out! reveal new hidden DJ audiophile concept party, The Dark Room

‘Leave your phone, ego and problems at the door.’

Following the release of The Secret DJ book this summer, which told anonymous tales of deviant club culture, Bugged Out have announced a brand new party concept.

Named The Dark Room, it’s based around the idea of the perfect club experience - one where phones and bright lights are banned for maximum immersion in the music.

It’s taking place at Hangar in London Fields on 13th October, and promises four secret DJs, surround sound and a chill out room.

‘When entering The Dark Room, phones must be turned off and locked away,’ the press release reads. ‘Whilst the venue opens into two areas. An ambient area with a bar and the dark room itself.’

The Secret DJ says: “When I started raving no one had any idea where the DJ was, who the DJs was and more importantly, did not care one bit. We danced with each other and cheered the music. We didn’t face an altar. We faced each other.

“Usually there was one blinding source of light, just enough to disorient you in the other 99% of total blackness. You usually had very little idea where you were geographically too. The whole thing was pure adventure, literally a journey into sound.”

Tickets to The Dark Room can be found here.