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Buggin' Out!

Steve Bug readies 'Bugnology 3'

DJ/producer, label boss and all round dance polymath Steve Bug has mixed a brand new edition of his much loved 'Bugnology' series. The German master's third volume, simply entitled 'Bugnology 3' drops on Poker Flat 15th September, and sees him fuse a trademark combination of deep house, techno and minimal with bags of funk in the trunk.

Adding his own touches of production, and re-editing tracks allows him to stamp his Bugged out personality over tracks by the likes of rising star Stimming (a remix of Manuel Tur's 'Vabanque') cuts by Peace Division, Giles Smith's Two Armadillos ,and Damian Schwartz, making for an involving, fresh and deep addition to the series. It's got us buggin' out at DJmag towers, that's for sure!