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Burning Issue...

What are you No.1 in the world at?

For our Top 100 DJs issue, we decided to find out what you lot specialise in…

Corin Jo Charlotte Terry
"Cheese eating - I can eat a lot of cheese."
Corin, 24, Music Producer
"Footwear destroyer - I've been through five pairs of heels in the last week!"
Jo, 24, Stylist
"Shagging obviously. I would be the best fuck ever."
Charlotte, 21, Sales
"Superstar dancer - I've been known to bust a few moves."
Terry, 27, Accounts 
Aiddan Zara Rob Andre
"No.1 gigolo - look at me, I'd be ace!"
Addian, 21, Stylist
"Rapstar - my dream is to be Slick Rick."
Zara, 26, Promoter
"Con artist - I could take advantage for shits and giggles."
Rob, 31, IT Consultant
"I would be the No.1 at air guitar. I have put in the practice."
Andre, 30, Manager