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Calvin Harris says he is “too old” to be touring

Too old for you ‘cause he was born in the ‘80s...

Calvin Harris – the highest paid DJ in the world – has said he is “too old” to go on tour.

In a recent appearance with Sam Smith on Scotland’s Forth 1 show, Boogie & Arlene, the EDM superstar (34) spoke about how he much prefers studio work to playing live and explained that he has no intention of going on tour anytime soon. You can listen to the interview below. 

“I’ve done tours before but for me, I think my personal strength is in the studio,” he said. “It’s what I enjoy the most.”

“But a tour? No way. I can’t do tours any more. I’m too old.”

Harris and Smith were on the show to promote their new collaborative single, ‘Promises’.

Earlier this year it was announced that Calvin Harris would extend his Las Vegas residency with the Hakkasan group until 2020. The contract, which Harris plays in a casino nightclub once a week, is worth $1 million per gig.

This isn’t the first time the DJ – who recently was turned into a wax model in New York’s Madame Tussauds – has spoken about his displeasure with touring festival stages in comparison with his residency shows. “Standing up there and it's the fireworks and all that stuff, but you've got no connection with anyone,” he told Zane Lowe in February.

“I want to spend more time in studio and it's been that way for a couple of years,” he added at the time. “I haven’t done any meaningful festivals for years.”

Despite all that though, Harris has been booked for one other string of gigs this year, a three-date Pacha Ibiza series. He played the first of those shows last week on 14th August, will play the next tomorrow (21st August) and will play one more next Tuesday (28th August).