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Shure SM58-Beta Series Microphone

“Whether it’s performing on a big stage with Major Look or MCing in a small underground club, my instrument has always been my voice. The reliability and honesty of the SM58 is acknowledged across the industry. I always take my own Beta Series version to shows, as I don’t want to risk having one hired into the event that has taken a battering the show before. That said, they are a tough piece of kit that allows me to focus on the performance and not worry about the equipment.

“For our big festivals across this summer (including main stage slots at Creamfields and Global Gathering), I was going to opt for a wireless version on the day due to the stage size and moving around easier (I hadn't done these shows at the time of writing). Studio-wise, I do use a range of mics to create different sounds, but to achieve that live sounding effect that cuts through the track the Shure SM58 does the business. Plenty of mics have tried to imitate the SM58 – but none have come close to making me think to change from my weapon of choice.”